Trending Topic: Ruzzle on the Rise


Photo By: Matthew Lynley, The Wall Street Journal

This past week my mind has been flooded with a string of words.  I can’t seem to get them out of my head.  It all started last week when I downloaded the game “Ruzzle” on my iPad.  Since then I picture a long word and my mind starts reeling with the possibilities of smaller words using the same letters.  So as I’m driving, watching a movie, or laying in bed trying to clear my mind before I fall asleep, I picture word combinations.

Jarret Bellini, CNN Tech’s weekly trends writer, described Ruzzle as “the offspring of a wild and kinky one-night-stand between Boggle and Scrabble.”

He explains the similarities between the two games: “Ruzzle consists of three two-minute rounds in which you and your opponent each get 16 letters placed in four rows of four that can be linked together to create words by gliding your finger over the screen at any connecting angle. Like Boggle.  Each letter is also given a point value based on difficulty, and some even award extra points by doubling or tripling the letter or overall word score. Like Scrabble.”

Ruzzle has been a trending topic on Twitter and has been at the top of the App Store for weeks.  This word app has been downloaded more than 17 million times, adding 4 million new players each week.  It’s available in 10 different languages and played in over 100 countries.

In an interview with Matthew Lynley of The Wall Street Journal, CEO Daniel Hasselberg, of MAG Interactive (creators of Ruzzle), said “The Social media integration is absolutely fundamental to our success.”  The turn-based social game allows users to not only invite friends, but also share their achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Expect to see Ruzzle in your news feeds.  This game’s popularity is only continuing to rise.  This app, along with other word apps like “Scramble With Friends” and “Words With Friends,” are good games to be trending.  They get people’s minds racing, introduce them to new words, let them compete against their friends, and keeps them connected to social media.


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