Thoughts on Columns from The Denver Post

Curtis Hubbard of The Denver Post wrote an interesting column What is Colorado? More than skiing and a buzz.  I particularly enjoyed this column because the mountains (specifically Winter Park, CO) are my favorite place in the world.  The view is always breathtaking and I find peace riding up a ski lift thinking about how wonderful life is and I find my adventurous side as I race down the mountain.  I have always imagined a home in Colorado, probably because of all the memories of my family’s ski trips.  This column made me think about what Colorado is beyond skiing, which made me ask myself What is Nebraska?  More than corn and cows. 

Also from The Denver Post, Ray Ring from Writers on the Range, wrote If corporations are people what are they really like?  This caught my attention right away as it began with: 

ExxonMobil spits out a gob of chewing-tobacco juice and taps a baseball bat against the cleats of its shoes, knocking off the dirt clods. Then “Exx ‘Em” — as the fans like to call their slugger — steps into the batter’s box and slams the first pitch over the center-field wall of Dodger Stadium.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret — who likes to be called Vikki — is elbow-deep in stinky compost in a Denver garden, preparing to plant zucchinis, while Yahoo sits alone in a Seattle park, getting high on marijuana to avoid thinking about how it lost so much market share to Google.

And Nike is pregnant, lying on its back getting a sonogram in a Portland clinic, trying not to giggle at the tickly feeling as the wand slides over its swollen abdomen, listening to the doctor exclaim, “You’re going to have a baby boy and a baby girl — twins!”  I was immediately intrigued as to what this was about.  I probably wouldn’t have read the article if it hadn’t began with the absurd, not to mention catchy, lines about corporations with human traits.  We watched a video in class that talked about how long writers spend working on their opening paragraph because readers only give them a few seconds of a chance.  I would have to say that in this article Ray Ring got it right.


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