Awaiting the Arrival of TV Shows on Netflix

I like to spend my spare time watching movies or television shows on Netflix.  I’m not against watching them on TV but I’m not always able to sit down and watch TV at the times that the shows I wish to watch are on.  I have made it through many seasons of several different series and always finish the last episode just dying to find out what happens next only to find out that the current season is not on Netflix and it’ too far into the season to watch all the episodes on the network’s website.  

I had heard that Hulu Plus lets you watch the current season’s episodes so I decided to give it a try.  It was incredibly disappointing to find out that all the shows I wanted to watch only had the latest six episodes.  That was something Hulu Plus failed to mention in their advertisements. So now I will wait patiently for them to arrive on Netflix, watching other series instead.

Some of my favorite shows are Gossip Girl, 90210, Revenge, Scandal, Army Wives, HawthoRNe, Three Rivers, Raising Hope, The Office, Heros, Lie to Me, and my personal favorite Prison Break.  Does anyone have any good recommendations?  


3 thoughts on “Awaiting the Arrival of TV Shows on Netflix

  1. I also use Netflix & Hulu+ a lot and I completely understand what you are talking about. It’s so suspenseful waiting for the newest episodes to come on. I watch many of the same shows as you, but my newest favorites are New Girl and The Mindy Project. They’re just half-hour sitcoms, but I really like the humor within each! Also, you should check out HBO online, they have a great selection of shows, documentaries, and movies.

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