UNK Confessions Tarnishing University and Students’ Reputations?

UNK Confessions is the current buzz around campus, leaving students gushing about the dirty details of last night’s hookups, students plans to get trashed tonight, and well every other nasty act imaginable.  That’s right, students can anonymously post their intimate details to UNK Confessions on Facebook and @UNK_confessions on Twitter.  There are 880 likes and 501 people talking about this on Facebook, with 30 tweets and 230 followers on Twitter.  I “liked” the Facebook page when it first came out and I’ll admit I found a few of the postings funny.  Since then the postings have become a way for people to make up vulgar stories, try to hook up, make stereotypical remarks about sorority girls and fraternity guys, bash the morals of those who have spoken against the page, and trash the reputation of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  

Everyone who has heard of UNK has surely heard “You can’t spell drunk without UNK.” The question I ask is how do you define a party school? Is UNK classified as a party school because its initials help spell drunk or because people and sites like UNK Confessions have helped it gain that reputation?  

I think it’s safe to say that every college has people that party and like to have fun.  Some students probably even choose a college because they have heard about how great the parties are and can picture themselves throwing back the beer and picking up dates.  While others factor in cost, location, size, and maybe, just maybe, the education they would receive.  Whoa, who would have thought that’s important?  UNK has worked hard to become and maintain their status as a Top 10 University.  I honestly think it is a great school, providing great opportunities for students.  We have some phenomenal teachers with great experience and research under their belts, a good selection of majors, nice facilities (with more to come in the near future), and tremendous support from the Kearney community.  

What will sites like UNK Confessions mean for UNK?  Would prospective donors consider not giving funds to UNK because the site gives students and the university a terrible reputation?  Would prospective students turn their back on UNK because they want to be a part of something a little more classy and a lot less trashy?  I liked what one person confessed: 

“I used to feel proud to be part of UNK. I felt that we were at a higher caliber than other schools because of our attitudes, hard work, and dedication to excellence. I used to think that college was a place to grow up and find out who we really are; a place to build our futures. I used think we held ourselves to a higher standard based on christian morals, small town values, and respect for our fellow peers. At the least, I thought we were smart enough to use a little common decency and use some semi-coherent grammar. Sadly, I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know is that it scares me to think that the people who post on here are considered to be in the upper half and will someday be the leaders of our already faltering country. It’s sad to think that those who partake in such immoral and disrespectful acts will be or are already parents to the children who will someday be in control of our lives once we are old and tired. It’s one thing to know this is happening behind close doors but for this to be public knowledge, as if this behavior is normal and acceptable, is just utterly disappointing. Maybe UNK has failed. Maybe we have failed.”

This isn’t just about the anonymous people posting stuff or UNK’s reputation, this is about us too.  It’s our school, our reputation, and our legacy.


3 thoughts on “UNK Confessions Tarnishing University and Students’ Reputations?

  1. I can tell from reading this post that you feel very strongly about this subject. Although I do agree with you on most of the post, I don’t agree that UNK Confessions is at fault here, it’s the students. Unfortunately UNK Confessions is another way for students to openly talk about hook-ups and parties and because it is anonymous, students get bolder and do post more vulgar comments. A page like this is supposed to be used for jokes, harmless secrets like “I stole a plate from the cafeteria” or “I clogged the toilet on fifth floor of CTE,” etc. However, students use this page to brag about how high or drunk they get. UNK confessions is revealing the immaturity, laziness and carelessness of some UNK students. But you must realize, there are thousands of students on campus, and not all of them are posting on this page. But I do agree that UNK students need to learn a sense of decency. It seems that right now, many young adults think they are invincible and bad decisions have no repercussions.

  2. I really agree with you here, Amanda. When I first discovered the UNK Confessions page, I thought some of them were funny, but now not so much. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter how many students are posting vulgar and immature things, but that they are getting a lot of attention. Perception also plays a huge role in this, if prospective students see the vulgarity of a few, they might be discouraged from going to UNK. I had to convince a friend of mine that UNK wasn’t just the stereotypical party school, but had a great education to offer. She had heard too many stories about partying.

  3. This could be the core of a good column. You would need to establish more of a story using examples from Confessions and how this sets up a sad picture of student life.

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