UNK Confessions (2nd Column Draft)

Here is my second column draft.  It’s about 30 words too long.  **There are quotes from UNK Confessions that may make some readers uncomfortable.  The language and grammar is taken directly from their posts.

UNK Confessions is the current buzz around campus, leaving students gushing about the dirty details of last night’s hookups, students plans to get trashed tonight, and well every other nasty act imaginable.  That’s right, students can anonymously post their intimate details to UNK Confessions on Facebook and @UNK_confessions on Twitter.  There are 1,050 likes and 878 people talking about this on Facebook, with 30 tweets and 414 followers on Twitter.  I “liked” the Facebook page when it first came out and I’ll admit I found a few of the postings funny.  Since then the postings have become a way for people to make up vulgar stories, try to hook up, make stereotypical remarks about sorority girls and fraternity guys, bash the morals of those who have spoken against the page, and trash the reputation of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  

Everyone who has heard of UNK has surely heard “You can’t spell drunk without UNK.” I think it’s safe to say that every college could be considered a party college, with people that party and like to have fun.  For some, the words party and fun are an understatement.

UNK Confessors’ wonderfully descriptive posts include: “Baby just make me cum, and then don’t make a sound,” “I need a woman, not a pre-teen drama bitch cunt slut fuck,” “If you see a girl walking awkward tomorrow and find a condom in the fountain that was us,” and “i walked in to my gradma suckin my grandpas dick so i decided to put it between her but cheeks.”  The faculty and leaders of UNK are also questioned (whether true or not) in posts like “Last night I banged my trig teacher” and “My R.A. fucked 3 resident girls on our floor last year, telling all of them he was a virgin. If he didn’t buy us all drugs and alcohol I would think he’s a dick.”  UNK Confessions wouldn’t be complete without stoner stories like “Taking rips of the bong should be on my resume” and “My Saturday night last weekend= 2 colt 45s 12 beers 3 blunts and 50 milligrams of addy. Haha I had so much fuckin fun and plan to do it again this weekend.”

Even the posts a person likes can portray them in a negative light, as one confessor mentioned, “By seeing what girls like certain posts, I know who know the easy fucks are. Thank you for advertising, makes my life easier.”

What will sites like UNK Confessions mean for UNK?  Would prospective donors consider not giving funds to UNK because the site gives students and the university a terrible reputation?  Would prospective students turn their back on UNK because they want to be a part of something a little more classy and a lot less trashy?  I liked what one person confessed: 

“I thought we were smart enough to use a little common decency and some semi-coherent grammar. […] It’s sad to think that those who partake in such immoral and disrespectful acts will be or are already parents to the children who will someday be in control of our lives once we are old and tired. It’s one thing to know this is happening behind closed doors but for this to be public knowledge, as if this behavior is normal and acceptable, is just utterly disappointing. Maybe UNK has failed. Maybe we have failed.”

UNK has worked hard to become and maintain their status as a Top 10 University.  I honestly think it is a great school, providing great opportunities for students.  We have some phenomenal teachers with great experience and research under their belts, a good selection of majors, nice facilities (with more to come in the near future), and tremendous support from the Kearney community.  

I’d hate to see a site like UNK Confessions ruin the university’s reputation.  It’s not only our school, but also our own reputation and legacy that stand to be affected.




7 thoughts on “UNK Confessions (2nd Column Draft)

  1. This is a great post. Like you I also liked the page in the beginning finding some of the posts funny and interesting. While there still are a few funny posts, they are outdone by the vulgar ones. It has become very raunchy. Reputations could be ruined. If the admin ever released the names from the posts, all hell could break loose. Even though in my opinion most of them are fake posts of people trying to sound cool

  2. This is a great post and with a little tweaking and tightening of the overall length could be a fantastic post. It shames me to think that with all that UNK has to offer to students who want to actually better their lives and benefit from the great faculty, we are now associated with this childish site and like you said, may turn away prospective financial donors and future students. Hopefully there is something the University can do to put a stop to this before it gets too far out of hand.

  3. This post is so very true. It was funny to start with, now kind of stupid. Everyone makes things up on there. Most of them have vulgar stuff in, the such as the stuff you quoted from there. I think the site has potential to ruin the rep of the college. On the other hand, there are people griping about it, they dont have to read it. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you read it. If you find it offensive and dont want to read it, then dont.

  4. I assume these confession sites are common to most universities. While this is in pretty good shape already, you see what the UNL or UNO ones look like.

  5. Like everyone else, I agree with you. UNK confessions makes students look bad as I feel like it speaks largely for the entire student body when the majority of posts are vulgar and inappropriate. Even those most are fake or trying to be funny, to any stranger that runs across the site, they may believe it to be true. I guess it’s just what college kids do for entertainment these days. It’s silly.

  6. I like this post a lot better than the prom one, although I found the first paragraph of that one pretty funny. This is a really good topic that is relevant to students on campus. Truthfully, I am sickened by the comments that people make. It is saddening to think that these comments are coming from people who are supposed to be pursuing a higher education. It’s amazing what people will say and do under the cloak of being anonymous. Even so, this does make UNK look bad and if I were to find out about this while choosing a college to attend, it might have been enough to push me elsewhere. I like Dr. Hanson’s idea about looking into UNL and UNO. You could also make this shorter by cutting out some of the comments from other people or shortening the longer one talking about how bad the site is for UNK. Definitely leave some of it in there though because it ties it really nicely.

  7. This is spot on. I liked how you used real examples to make your point. I liked this page too and I read almost because I can’t believe how ridiculous it is.

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