You have all heard the saying “pictures are worth a thousand words.”  I prefer to tell my stories through pictures.  I have taken thousands, so narrowing it down to these took quite a bit of time.  My family is very close.  We have lived on a farm my whole life, so while other kids played at the park after school or during the summers my brother, sisters, and I did things like irrigate with my dad, play in the river, weed the garden, run through sprinklers, jump on the trampoline, or do awesome imaginative things like pretend we were Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, cowboys and indians, or try not to touch the “lava” a.k.a. carpet.  I was very close with my brother all through junior high and high school, but the age difference between my sisters and I made them seem kind of annoying.  My littlest sister liked to do things like tell mom how fast you drive to school, play in my room, mess with my make up, and hang around me and my friends.  My senior year they stopped being so annoying and I began to love their company and still do.  My sister Kaylee is a sophomore in high school and my sister Kyara is a 5th grader.  I call Kaylee my sunshine because she is always laid back and chill.  She is really sporty, doesn’t get caught up in drama, and is always happy.  Kyara is a tender-hearted, animal-loving, sweetheart.  She loves to do anything her big sisters do, is more sarcastic than all my family combined, and can whip up almost anything in the kitchen.

My parents were high school sweethearts, got married, started life on the farm, and soon after started having kids.  They will be married 25 years this August.  They have instilled in me a great work ethic and strong faith, shown endless support and patience, and been an example of love, friendship, and the true meaning of family.  I usually talk to both my parents at least three times a week, sometimes everyday.  I love going home and spending time with them and when my husband tries to tease me saying I’m just like my mom….I take it as a compliment.  (When my dad calls my mom her mother’s name, she doesn’t think of it as a compliment…so maybe parents just get crazier with old age.)

Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of my family:

Family photo at my wedding

My dad (Dale), mom (Pam), me, my husband (Gavin), brother (Tyler), sister-in-law (Jamie), niece (Tylee), sisters (Kyara and Kaylee) at my wedding. Both my sisters were my maid of honors.

Everyone in my family holding up a Loper sweatshirt Christmas present.

My brother, sister-in-law, and myself all attend so UNK, so my parents thought it would be fitting for us all to sport Loper apparel. -Christmas 2010


This is a fun family portrait. We set the camera up on the back of the tailgate and run to our places before the 10 seconds were up. All our family photos seem to happen this way. Last year my mom wanted to take our Christmas photo before my brother and I went back to college. It was getting dark out so my dad drove the combine into the yard to shine some light around us.



This is me and my siblings before Christmas Eve Mass. Our Christmas tradition used to include eating shrimp, homemade bread, cheesy green beans, and baked potato on my parents’ wedding china before church. Then we would set out milk and cookies and go to church. Santa always came while we were at church and when we got home we would open presents. The next two days we would spend at each of my grandparents houses who live 10 miles from my family’s farm.


My mom, sisters, and I at the base of Winter Park. My dad stays busy irrigating during the summers, so my family would often take ski trips during the winter. My parents and grandpa taught my brother, sisters, and I how to ski. The mountains are one of my favorite places to be and hold so many treasured family memories.





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