In high school I took several art classes.  It was always my favorite period of the day and was a release for all the frustrations of the day or made a good day even better.  I will share with you my artists mission statement that I developed in high school along with some of my work:

The purpose, the passion, it inspires me.  Art, like life, is expression, open up to interpretation, perspective; everyone’s being different, original, genuinely beautiful.  Art is a stress reliever.  It’s my escape.  I can put my ideas into a piece of work and see them flourish.  I can create and develop something all on my own.  I make all the choices.  I can make people think, I can control their thoughts and emotions, all through my work.  As an artist I hold power.

My favorite subjects are landscapes.  I like to look at a scene and paint it freely.  I look at the world and think, this is art.  The beauty, serenity, it’s all God’s masterpiece.  It’s His art for us.  I see sunsets and sunrises and I’m inspired.  I see barns and country scenes and I think of home and comfort.  I see mountains and the ocean and think of the vast and endless possibilities.  Landscapes are what I look at and decipher a meaning, a metaphor, a new way to view life.

I see myself in my artwork.  I see what inspires me. I see hard work.  I see passion.  When I look at my art I see something I’m interested in, something I want the world to think about, or something that is special to me.  My artwork is my own.  It’s a piece of me, designed by me.  Other people see the subject.  Some may decipher my meaning or purpose and some may make up their own.  That’s what’s so special about art; you can choose how it touches you.

Here are a few of my pieces of artwork, I tried to show you a broad range of media, but as you may be able to tell I prefer painting.



My favorite piece of mine… I painted this from a picture I took of the water pump in my front yard.


Self portrait in a coffee mug.


Abstract baseball painting.


Tropical drawing.


Still life drawing using three different drawing techniques.


Canvas painting of meaningful things to me. The top left corner “I will never forget you” is in memory of a friend of mine that died. Fleur de lis showed up in all her art. I love daisies and Chinese symbols (though that is just brush strokes). The pink is a tree and it’s roots made from my favorite song lyrics. The “Life’s a gamble” is because I love playing cards and have many family memories doing so. I like the verse “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” The quote “Trials are not enemies of faith but opportunities to prove God’s faithfulness” seemed to fit at the time. I love music and thought the quote was inspiring. Ambition is my favorite word. Sometimes we have to remain hopeful to carry on. Love, well love is powerful.


These are pictures I took of couples sitting along the river while I was on a riverboat tour of France. I made it into a college and printed it on a huge canvas. When I own a house it will be hanging in my Paris room with all my other decorations. (Freshman year my dorm room had a Paris theme.)


Water color….not my specialty, but nonetheless reminds me of home.


Clay bust of no one in particular. (It would have been much harder to make it look like a real person.)


Lino-cut with a fishing theme. This was fun to do and is nice because you can make multiple prints using different colors of paper and ink.










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