School’s Out for the Summer…Almost

I decided I wanted to be like everyone else and recap on what a wonderful year it has been.  I could tell you that I loved all my classes but that would probably not be true, but I did like most of them.  I enjoyed learning some about html and creating my website.  Not even kidding, I felt so cool creating a website that as soon as I had my template made I made all my friends get on and check it out.  I even showed my mom the code as if to let her know that my understanding it I am a genius…or at least that I’m learning something.  I have also enjoyed blogging.  I think I will try to continue blogging in the future.  A few weeks ago I started another blog.  There is this idea in my head that I want to be an event planner and so I began a wedding blog.  Cheesy, yes!  Do I care, no.  

I also took casino and gaming management, which was pretty cool.  We learned the ins and outs of building and managing a casino.  Then there was body toning for women, which since it was a class made me actually go workout.  Thank God for that.  But Zumba.  I just couldn’t quite get my body to move like that.

This summer I will probably be getting a job, taking 12 credits, and going to Anaheim, CA with my little sister to FBLA’s National Leadership Conference.  My husband is going to South Korea for a month to take Physics 2, so that will be an adjustment.  I have 3 cousins graduating.  Two are a day apart in Oklahoma and Minnesota, my family is thinking about driving all night to make both.  Aside from celebrating graduations, I will be helping my grandparents celebrate their 50th anniversary and my parents their 25th.


One thought on “School’s Out for the Summer…Almost

  1. Keep up the blogging! It’s so important to keep writing on a regular basis when you are a writer.

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