Waiting for an Uncertain Future

My mind has recently been consumed with thoughts of how the future is uncertain.  Sure I could give you past examples where this has played a role in my life, but none of those compare to the fear and uncertainty that approaching graduation makes me feel.  Don’t get me wrong I am beyond excited and also relieved to be so close to finishing.  After all I have been racing to get done in three years so that I can graduate and move with my husband as he plans to continue school.  

I frequent job search websites and see new possibilities everyday with careers I have never considered or really even been aware of before.  Then the qualifications leave me wishing I had the 2-7 years of necessary experience that is required.  Overwhelming thoughts of not finding a job, being able to pay bills, and becoming a homeless person leave me dreading applications, interviews, and the waiting game.  

I like to think a college education will be enough to help me succeed.  Then I’m reminded of my husband who is depending on acceptance to physical therapy school, which is necessary for him to become a pt, something he has been dead set on since junior high or early high school.  He has worked so hard for this.  He even took physics 1 and 2 BOTH this summer so that he could meet the prerequisites and they could be on his transcript before he even applied.  Physics 2 meant a month’s journey to South Korea because it wasn’t going to be offered on UNK’s campus.  

When he got back he filled out the application and had to wait for his transcript to be mailed from Hanyang University.  The deadline was approaching and he was pretty stressed.  Finally it came and he added it to the application and was able to submit it to the schools.  Today he received an email from one of the school’s saying it wasn’t on his application and he couldn’t be considered without taking this class, even though it’s on the one that he printed right after hitting the submit button.  I’m sure this problem can be resolved, but it’s discouraging and stressful to take the steps to do everything in your power to make yourself and good candidate to have anything stand in your way.  

My future is dependent on where his future takes us and his future is dependent on being accepted, and I’m ok with that.  The uncertainty is tough though, as is being patient, which has never really been my strong suit.


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