If I Shot A Lion…

Imagine a girl who walks into a pet store and freezes at the door.  She’d rather wait outside, but is drug past the threshold.  Arms stretched across her body, she clutches on to her own skin for dear life.  Any sign of movement makes her skittish.  After all, that giant snake in the corner could break the glass cage and slither loose ready to eat her whole.  That’s not even taking into account all the moving creatures that could bite or the scaly ones that crawl.

Now lets name that girl.  We can call her Amanda.  As a child she would catch stray kittens on her farm, feed them some milk, name them Fluffy, Snowball, and Reese’s, and get ringworm from playing with the mangy things.  That must have been a stage, one of those stages you grow out of quickly.  She’s now a rock person.  The very thought of animal hair, slimy or scaly creatures, creepy crawlers, and being licked or bit is more than enough to make her not just hate animals, but almost fear them.

As you can tell, I’m not an animal rights activist.  I of course have witnessed man’s best friend, the soothing comfort of therapy animals, the much needed and guide animals.  Then there are animals raised to provide food and the creatures that help with the production of crops and the life chain.  I’ve also been to a zoo and fallen in love with the playful penguins, from a distance of course.  So why then did it upset me when I read news articles about Melissa Bachman killing a lion.

First off, I’m not upset that she killed a lion.  I initially thought it was pretty cool actually.  One of my friends is saving up for a big hunt in Africa and even the crazy uncles in Secondhand Lions thought it would be cool to kill a lion.  Melissa just didn’t have a boy named Walter to convince her to turn the lion into a pet.

To me hunting is natural.  We go out and shoot deer, quail, pheasant, turkey, and rabbit and make a meal out of it.  Then there are animals like coon, that you shoot for the fur and the list goes on.  I’ve touched bear skin rugs and seen several dead animals mounted on walls as trophies.  A lion?  Seems like the ultimate trophy, doesn’t it?

I read “Killing a Lion is the most cowardly thing you can do” and learned that hunting a lion is like shooting your sleeping grandma.  They mostly lie there and do nothing.  It didn’t sound thrilling at all.  I’m not even going to get into the debate on whether or not it’s ok to kill exotic animals, endangered or not.  What seriously upset me were some people’s reactions to this hunt.

The International Business Times” posted an article talking about how Melissa Bachman is being viciously attacked on Twitter.  People are calling her names, saying they wish she would get her head blown off, and even that they would pay to watch a lion rip her apart.  These people read a few articles about how “simple” it is to kill a lion and all of the sudden know that this woman is nothing but a terrible killer who deserves to die a painful death.  Seriously?

Are these same people trying to stop all hunters from gaining access to Africa?  Or just the well-known ones like Melissa?  Are they doing anything to help preserve these exotic species or the ones that are endangered?  Are they against all hunting in general?  Do they get upset when people mount bears, cougars, zebras, and gazelle?

She killed a lion and oh my gosh the world is going to end.  She paid a lot of money to go hunt in Africa and probably even more if she brought her lion back to the U.S.  I think I’d take a picture and post it on Facebook and Twitter too.