Twitter Questions for Bloggers

I have neglected my blog for some time now and made a goal to post everyday over Christmas break.  I have already failed in meeting that goal, but I hope to have some posts for you to read in the near future.  I was tagged on Twitter to list 11 facts and answer the 11 questions given to me.  

My 11 Facts

1. I will graduate in May, having completed my undergrad in 3 years.

2. My favorite author is Mary Higgins Clark.

3. I decided to take some random classes and was amazed at how much I learned. (Gaming and Casino Management, Graphic Novels and next semester, Glass Blowing.

4. Whenever my parents have done a remodeling project I have picked out paint colors, fixtures, curtains, etc.  I love decorating, painting, looking at art, etc.  

5. I have a strong desire to travel.  I have been to Italy and France, with hopes of visiting every country in Europe.  In the U.S. I’ve been to 18 states.

6. My favorite place in the world is Winter Park, Colorado.  The mountains, skiing, and family memories make this place absolutely beautiful.

7. Throughout my senior year in high school until now I have wanted to pursue a career in all the following: lawyer, photojournalist, photographer, teacher, college professor, florist, travel agent, psychologist, advertising, public relations, marketing, restaurant or coffee shop owner/entrepreneur, chef, event planner, web designer, and probably more.  Right now I’m excited about the possibilities.

8. I want to live in a big city, but I’m terrified of driving in a big city.

9. I got married young (at 20).  It changed our social dynamics because we are at a different point in our life than most of our friends.

10. I appreciate growing up on a farm.  Harvest is a season and I love nothing more than riding in the combine with my daddy.

11. One of my favorite things about college has been brining home international students.  It’s so much fun watching them experience so many things for the first time and helping them get the most of their experience here.

11 Questions
1. What’s your favorite book character?  Why?
Daytripper. Bras de Oliva Domingos.  This character brought me back in time to different points in my life, like traveling, heartbreak, falling in love, losing a loved one, family time, and jobs. The book was truly a meditation on life and left me inspired and excited to live mine.

2. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
3. What’s your favorite ‘get to know someone new” question?
This is hard.  I love getting to know new people, especially from other regions of the country or world.  I ask a million questions and enjoy learning about their culture and thoughts on ours.
4. Would you ever consider a job that required an out of country relocation?
I absolutely think so, but I know I would miss my family so it would be a very tough decision.
5. What did you think you’d be as an adult when you were 8?
I wanted to be a nurse when I was 8.  For the next 4 years I wanted to be a teacher or an optometrist.
6. Now, what’s your dream job?
I would love a job that allows me to plan events.  Right now I’m really interested in a job in healthcare communication.

7. How long does it take you to get to work?

I’m currently not working.  I have traveled as far as 20-25 miles for a job.


8. What was your proudest moment thus far?
I’m very proud of graduating in 3 years. 
9. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
This is hard. I love to cook and bake.  I love making lasagna (I have a special recipe) and crockpot recipes.  I also enjoy making donuts. 
10. Android or iOS?
11. What’s the last thing you said out loud?
“Bye. Love you!”

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