Community pours support into local ministry

Last night I attended the ninth annual Todd Becker Foundation Banquet. This was my second year in a row attending and I was once again amazed at the turnout. There were so many guests in attendance that an overflow room was necessary to keep from turning away supporters and people selflessly opened their checkbooks to make donations.

Arkansas state Governor Mike Huckabee spoke with humor and sincerity at last night’s banquet. He discussed how in biblical times fisherman preserved their catches by covering them in salt. Without the salt the fish would spoil. Today’s culture is the spoiling fish and Christians are the salt needed to keep the fish from spoiling. We can’t expect the fish to not spoil if we aren’t going to be an example. He then told a story about how people often think they are not significant or influential enough to make a difference or be a light in this world. When you are in pitch black even a tiny bit of light from your keychain or cellphone can light your path, keep you from stubbing your toe or help you find the keyhole. If one person lets their light shine they can lighten the darkness and if everyone lets their light shine the darkness can be diminished. 

Governor Huckabee’s speech supported the message Keith Becker and his team are delivering to high school students and community squares. Keith spoke at my high school when I was a seventh grader. Since then associations like the ACLU have been fighting to keep them out of high schools, but Keith and his team continue to tell the story of his brother Todd who went down the wrong path and died in a car accident as a senior in high school.