Christmas Movies Already

It’s October and I opted for a cheesy Christmas movie instead of one filled with witches, ghosts, or vampires. I think I like Christmas movies so much because they’re warmhearted, bring the whole family together, and often have a little lesson on attitude, love, or living life with gratitude.

Today’s Christmas movie was about a middle child who wakes up after the worst Christmas day to find he has to repeat it on a loop. He starts out changing some moments in somewhat selfish capacities, so that he either wins a game, gets the present he wanted, the meal he prefers, etc. Then he has a change of heart of spends each day trying to make it better and better for his family and neighbors. It ends being the best Christmas.

I’m easily inspired and tear up during touching moments in movies and sometimes even books. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder to remember how incredibly #blessed I am. There’s no doubt this movie was cheesy and a little slow at times, but I found it somewhat relatable and enjoyed the sentiment.

The greatest gifts in life are treasured memories. It’s so easy to tell a person how they mean or laugh while sharing old stories. Just take the time. My favorite parts of Christmas are the traditions. Putting up the tree, decorating the house, making dozens and dozens of different Christmas cookies, going to Christmas eve mass, and eating the same meal on my mother’s china.


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