The Super Bowl

I actually committed to watching the entire Super Bowl this year, which was a first for me.  Normally I just partake in the good food, occasionally pay attention to the commercials, and find other more interesting things to do than watch football.  I did not care who won, but listening to my friends yell at the TV in support of their team was quite fun.  Some interesting aspects to this year’s Super Bowl were the two coaches being brothers and Michael Oher being a player for the Ravens.  I loved “The Blind Side” and it was amazing to see all that Michael Oher overcome and now his journey has led him to the Super Bowl.  I saw lots of articles about watching the reactions of the parents of the two coaches and how they get to experience win and loss at this year’s game.  I think as brothers it would be extremely difficult to compete against each other like that.  You want to be happy for the winner (who probably won’t let you live it down) but that means accepting defeat.    

I’ll start with what has been repeatedly on the news and in the paper, a power outrage, really?!  This was kind of a big deal.  It caused a 35 minute delay.  What did this mean for the fans?  I can imagine they weren’t too happy paying big money for a ticket to have to sit in the dark and wait for the lights to be turned on before the game could resume.  Could this have been a safety issue?  I would imagine it would be hard for some to find their way back to their seats, possibly creating confusion or panic.  I think some might have been worried about their safety.  There were a lot of people in that stadium, a lot could have happened.  Many news stations talked about how embarrassing this was for New Orleans, their first year having the Super Bowl back after hurricane Katrina.  USA Today quoted tweeter James McCauley who made a joke about the loss of light, “Well I finally found out what that one light switch in the hallway does.”  The delay must have been hard for the players too.  One of my Facebook friends posted, “If the Niners come back and win this thing, people aren’t gonna shut up about the power outage and it being some huge conspiracy.” and “Looks like Beyonce used up all the juice in the Superdome.” 

This brings me to Beyonce.  I thought the lights out and special effects added to the performance.  I liked how the stage lit up like two faces.  I felt like she chimed in a few words whenever she felt like it.  The only song it seemed like she actually sang much of was “Halo.”  Most of the performance was her strutting around and dancing in a pretty skimpy outfit, they could have just got a stripper to do the halftime show.  One of my friends joked that it’s not very fair that Beyonce got to do the Inauguration and the Super Bowl in the same year…share the fame.  After lip syncing at the inauguration and her performance at the Super Bowl, I’ll just say I wasn’t too impressed.

I was impressed with the commercials.  The Buweiser Clydesdale one hi home with the sentimental people and all the farmers loved “So God Made a Farmer.”  I couldn’t remember where I recognized the voice and then I remember listening to am radio with my dad “And now to Paul Harvey with ‘The Rest of the Story.'”  The Kia where babies come from one was pretty funny, as was the Audi dateless prom-goer.  Taco Bell’s senior’s night out commercial made old people look wild and crazy.  I thought the Tide miracle stain commercial was hilarious, along with the Best Buy Amy Poehler seeks help.  The Speed Stick laundry mat one made gave viewers a good laugh.  Others were quite stupid and rather pointless.  The Apple Ale commercials, some of the Budweiser, Subway, and Coke showgirls ones weren’t very well executed.  The worst commercial by far was the kiss by Go Daddy.  It was a big topic on Twitter and mentioned on news stations with great disgust.  Not every commercial is going to be good, but that’s also what makes the good ones stand out.  Overall I thought they were pretty good.  

One final thought-Can you believe that people pay $800-1,200 to attend the Super Bowl?  Unless I had family in the game I’d say forget it!  That would be an expensive trip when you include the cost of game tickets, gas or plane tickets, parking, food, hotel, and any souvenirs.