Eat Doritos Super Bowl Sunday

It’s almost that time of year where women spend time looking up recipes for new appetizers, dips, and desserts.  Their grocery bills include items like chips, refreshments, wings, pizza, and the list goes on.  Then the day finally arrives and their houses are overcrowded with loud men who yell at the tv, spill their drinks, and forget to put the toilet seat down.  Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday.

The best thing that aires on television that day just might be the commercials.  Any other day and I would fast forward through commercials or get up to do something and come back when the program starts, but the commercials during the Super Bowl are worth watching.  Which is good considering companies spend millions of dollars to advertise during the Super Bowl.  The best commercials are usually the ones by Doritos.

Doritos runs a contest that gives fans a chance to create their own Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl.  This contest brings lots of new traffic for Doritos because everyone wants to view/vote on the submissions.  Fans can vote once everyday January 4-29.  The winner will have their commercial air during the Super Bowl, win $1 million, and a gig with Michael Bay.  According to “How much did the 2013 finalists spend on their crash the Super Bowl entries?” most of the submissions come from males between the ages of 20-40, living in California who are trying to make it in the film business.  Video contest news gives an overview of each finalist.  Why not control what you watch and give one of these filmmakers a chance to advance his career?  Vote.

My personal favorite from a few years ago.