Have you ever had a near death experience, contemplated the meaning of life, wondered what you have done to make a difference, or thought about how people might be affected by your death?  Daytripper, a meditation on life, illustrates life’s painful moments of heartbreak, failure, and grief, along with life’s precious moments of finding true love, starting a family, achieving success, and striving to accomplish dreams.  Readers can relate to many thoughts and emotions through this book.  It forces them to reflect upon their own lives.

Daytripper, a graphic novel written and drawn by brothers, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, was originally serialized as ten separate comic books.  Later, the issues were compiled to make a book.  Daytripper is the story of Brás de Olivias Dominguez’s life.  Each chapter features an important time in Brás’s life, revealing the people and events that have made him who he is.  Brás had dreams of becoming an author, but until that day would come, he wrote obituaries for a newspaper.  Interestingly enough, each chapter concludes with an alternate ending of Brás’s life and his obituary. The final chapter of the book goes through the different points of his life, but this time he dies his real death.

Last semester I decided to try something new, so I took graphic novels.  We read several books including wordless texts and comic books ranging from Donald Duck, Axe Cop, and Batman to Habibi, Are You My Mother?, and Daytripper.  Each one was quite different from the other and had differently literary elements.  I hated a few, but found myself liking many.  These were all books that I never would have read if it weren’t for taking a chance on this class.  Daytripper is now one of my favorite books.  If you feel like taking a chance on something new and decide to pick it up, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Daytripper reminded me to appreciate the little things, truly live, and reflect upon my life.  In the book Bras says, “All the places my dreams take me, no matter if I’ve never been there or never will be…help me understand where I come from…and where I want to go.  So what my dreams really show me is what my life can be once I open my eyes.  My dreams tell me who I am” (p. 223).  Dreams give people something to aspire to be or work towards achieving.  Dreams keep us fighting, looking, and searching.  This book reminded me not only to follow my dreams but also to appreciate where I come from.  People aren’t defined by single moments in their lives, but rather all the moments combined.  Life starts with your family, your home.  “Home is not a physical place at all, but a group of elements like the people you live with-a feeling, a state of mind” (Bá, p. 234).  Where people come from and where they’ve been, the people who have impacted their lives, and the obstacles they have had to overcome have all influenced who they have become.  Now the question to ask is “Is who I have become, who I wish to be?”