Trending Topic: Ruzzle on the Rise


Photo By: Matthew Lynley, The Wall Street Journal

This past week my mind has been flooded with a string of words.  I can’t seem to get them out of my head.  It all started last week when I downloaded the game “Ruzzle” on my iPad.  Since then I picture a long word and my mind starts reeling with the possibilities of smaller words using the same letters.  So as I’m driving, watching a movie, or laying in bed trying to clear my mind before I fall asleep, I picture word combinations.

Jarret Bellini, CNN Tech’s weekly trends writer, described Ruzzle as “the offspring of a wild and kinky one-night-stand between Boggle and Scrabble.”

He explains the similarities between the two games: “Ruzzle consists of three two-minute rounds in which you and your opponent each get 16 letters placed in four rows of four that can be linked together to create words by gliding your finger over the screen at any connecting angle. Like Boggle.  Each letter is also given a point value based on difficulty, and some even award extra points by doubling or tripling the letter or overall word score. Like Scrabble.”

Ruzzle has been a trending topic on Twitter and has been at the top of the App Store for weeks.  This word app has been downloaded more than 17 million times, adding 4 million new players each week.  It’s available in 10 different languages and played in over 100 countries.

In an interview with Matthew Lynley of The Wall Street Journal, CEO Daniel Hasselberg, of MAG Interactive (creators of Ruzzle), said “The Social media integration is absolutely fundamental to our success.”  The turn-based social game allows users to not only invite friends, but also share their achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Expect to see Ruzzle in your news feeds.  This game’s popularity is only continuing to rise.  This app, along with other word apps like “Scramble With Friends” and “Words With Friends,” are good games to be trending.  They get people’s minds racing, introduce them to new words, let them compete against their friends, and keeps them connected to social media.

Tweet Tweet

The number of social media sites these days amazes me.  Each one is so different from the others, making it so that one person will be likely to join multiple sites.  I usually go through social media spurts where I will use Facebook for awhile and get tired of it and focus on Twitter or Pinterest.  I have had Twitter for over a year now and have yet to break 300 tweets.  Now that I’m using it more I have began to appreciate its unique attributes.  A few things I love about Twitter are how you can create lists (which I just learned how to do), the of use hash tags, which is fun and helps with finding tweets of the same nature, and the tweets are short and straight to the point.  Below are 10 people that I follow on Twitter that you might be interested in as well.

Dr. Randal Pinkett

I heard Dr. Randal Pinkett speak at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas this summer.  He has started his own company, published books, gives great advice, and is an international speaker.

PBL National

PBL National shares membership news, upcoming events, etc. with Phi Beta Lambda members.

Jamey Boelhower

Jamey Boelhower is the remote learning specialist for ESU10.  He gives great educational/technological advice for students and teachers.  He’s intelligent and knows how to make learning a fun, enjoyable experience.

Blake Lawrence

Blake Lawrence was a former Nebraska football player who co-founded Hurrdat Social Media.  I have heard him speak on generating new ideas, networking, and entrepreneurship.

Hurrdat Social Media

Hurrdat Social Media is a social media company that develops marketing strategies for businesses, brands, and athletes.  They put out some great information and have some funny posts too.

Priscilla Schliep

Priscilla Schliep is a Canadian 100m hurdler who received bronze at the Beijing Olympics.  After giving birth to her daughter she resumed training for the London Olympics and is still running competitive times.  Her twitter posts congratulate other athletes, update on her progress, include interviews, and retweets from her sponsors.

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 is the official Twitter account for the 2014 Olympics which will be held in Sochi.  I love watching the olympics and following different athletes on their journey.

Pope Benedict news

Pope Benedict news includes news and commentary on what’s happening with Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church.  I like keeping up with what’s happening in Rome and reading the 140 characters or less helps get straight to the point.

Creative Blog

The Creative Blog shares design tips and inspiration.  They tweet some pretty cool things that give me ideas and inspiration for projects.

Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef shares recipes, cooking tips, and new products.  As a Pampered Chef consultant this allows me to stay up to date on new things as well as share the business with others.